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Coffee Bean Grinder
Coffee Bean Grinders provided by us, are modern, automatic and sturdy in construction. These are used in cafes, restaurants and hotels as they have well-organized functioning and large making production capacity.
Electric Oven
The Electric Ovens are made from superior quality of stainless steel and ceramic material with acrylic enamel coating. The ovens provides high temperature for making of cookies, biscuits, breads and etc.

Ice Making Machine
Ice Making Machines are automatic, durable and provide accurate shape rectangular, dice, flake ice cubes at one cycle. The machines have comfortable one side bent tray for removing out the cubes.
Portable Dishwasher
We are engage in providing the Portable Dishware for our valued customers. They are fully automatic in function and have three unit tables which provide cleaned, germ-free and sterilize utensils.
Food Preparation Equipment
Food Preparation Equipment are used for cutting the vegetables in different shapes, electric cooking stove for making dosa, sandwich and more. All the provided products are machine-driven in function.
Food Processing Equipment

Macquino Innovations LLP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high-performance Food Processing Equipment specially designed for commercial kitchens, hotels, and restaurants to easily carry out various operations such as frying, baking, and others.

Bakery Equipments
Bakery Equipments are highly reliable and effective in working and have longer period of life. The offered planetary mixer are used for making the pizza, cake and biscuit dough.

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